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Do this with our many designers, partners, mentors, and trade vendors.

Even on the fly, our resources are available for you.

Visualization Branding/Social Media/Websites

We collaborate with industry experts who can assist you with visualization company branding together with our website and social media creators.

They can also manage them for you!

Be a Part of a Committed Design Community
Whether you are a seasoned designer or just starting out, everyone wants to feel like they are a part of something. Discuss, create, share, and learn from being connected with like-minded individuals all with a passion for design and creating beautiful interiors. You will feel a sense of community!
Learn from Smart People
You’ll boost your creative power by spending time around like-minded people, participating in our events, challenges, master sessions and so much more!
Building Lasting Relationships

Make friends, work together, have quality conversations with other interior design professionals about design and so much more…Go beyond networking!

Diversity & Inclusion

We foster an environment of inclusivity, learning, and listening with a range of disciplines from our industry. It makes us a better community!


There is no shortage of bcd-IT® talented people who are willing to offer their skills to help you create something amazing for your clients!

Education Planned for You

We offer product knowledge seminars, speakers, and master classes created just for you!

Rundown of Resources

Easily stay up on the latest tools, podcasts, books, articles and more. All provided by bcd-IT® and for our members!


There will always be someone around to
inspire you and give you feedback on your work if you want it!

Grow Your Clients

We know you wear lots of hats, and we will help you grow your business so you can do what you do best….DESIGN!

Instant Input

Being a caring community there is always someone around to give you feedback on your work. We’ve got you!


Discover your plan. Learn from veteran business experts and designers who have been right where you are today!