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Ani Vardanyan O’Dell

They say a bio should include one’s professional accomplishments. I find that very boring and quite repetitive, and what I would like for you to take away, is a sense of my true unfiltered self as a designer.

I have an eye for color and details, this comes from being a makeup artist, a fashion designer, or perfecting delicate details of jewelry before casting them into gold at our family business, for I have always known the intricate details come together to create a bigger picture. Ascetically pleasing must come with functionality, otherwise it is a bad design. And what distinguishes a superior design from a great one, is the emotion it invokes when you step into the space.

So, let us create together, let us bring your ideas and create them into possibilities! beautiful, beachside design studio in Carlsbad, and let’s have some fun designing the space of your dreams!

Christian Dubarr

Passionate, innovative, driven. Christian DuBarr, has been called visionary in the world of interior design. Dedicated to creating exceptional and memorable settings for his clients, Christian is committed to fulfilling his clients' expectations and beyond.

The professional interior designer is unique as he began with firsthand experience leading him to grow his career from the ground up. Educated in fine arts, space planning, and designing software only enhances Christian's attention to detail. Knowledgeable in balancing all elements with the inclusion of functionality, purpose, and beauty, Christian strives to provide luxurious materials to fit harmoniously.

The aesthetics of Christian’s designs focus on modern and clean spaces without limitations to traditional and contemporary styles in combination with his formal education. His years of design experience, artistic talent, and a keen ear for listening ensure his clients' confidence as he understands each of their needs.

One thing they all advocate together is the longevity of quality and expertise as he carefully oversees the entire design process from start to finish. Ultimately, Christian DuBarr's ambitions are to enhance his clients' vision to its fullest potential with the promise of leaving them with everlasting bliss.

Raissa Hall | RH Cabinet Design

RH Kitchen Design is the culmination of Raissa Hall's extensive life experience in the design industry. Raissa was the daughter of a Brazilian stone quarry owner which sparked her curiosity and a lifelong passion for using natural substances to create beautiful functional living spaces. She moved to the United States at age 18.

Having been exposed to sourcing and rough fabrication of stone while growing up, she took a job with Block Tops in Southern California in 2002. There she became familiar with cabinetry manufacturers and the complete installation process. She later studied interior design at Florida State, ultimately achieving her certification from the National Kitchen and Bath Association with an AKDB.

Early in her career, she worked at home centers for kitchen and bath remodel and high-end interior design firms before collaborating and opening R Cabinet Studio in Florida in 2013. As the Senior Kitchen and Cabinetry designer, she was responsible for much of the design-related aspects of the business, including working with architects and interior designers and supervising junior designers.

In 2017, she returned to Southern California and work for the next two years for a range of designers and contractors ultimately applying her experience to consulting engagements, based on increasing profitability via change order reduction, client qualification, and efficient design/build processes.

In 2021, she founded RH Kitchen Design with the goal of providing those services to interior designers as well as homeowners. Her designs have been featured in Southern Home magazine, Room by Room by Mrs. Howard, and Sun and Surf Magazine. She was featured in the Jacksonville Home Tour Show for 3 of the 10 years she resided in Florida.

Raissa is passionate about using natural products to create modern, functional designs that are ultimately a reflection of the client’s lifestyle. The importance of creating and designing two of the main living areas in the home makes her connect on a very personal level with her clients. She is able to create spaces that become timeless, inviting, and beautiful. 

Jaimie Gobert | Jaimie Lee Interiors

Establishing a name in the interior design & home builder industry for the past seven years, Jaimie is a passionate designer and exudes that trait in everything she does. A Detroit Michigan native, she left the Midwest and headed to the golden coast after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from Central Michigan University in 2014.

Jaimie’s interior design expertise and marketing background lead her to a successful career in model home merchandising for some of the top home builder’s in the nation. Her extensive understanding of the construction process comes from years of repeated exposure and collaboration with the top architects, trade experts and mentors in the industry. In 2018 & 2019, she received accolades from the Greater Sales & Marketing Council of Southern California. Jaimie’s entruprunieral spirit eventually lead her to launching her own residential interior design business, Jaimie Lee Interiors at the end of 2020. Her recent work includes several residential remodel projects in the Southern California area, as well as working with home builders on their interior design visualization tools.

A true collaborator and educator at her core, she values sharing her design expertise and insights with her clients, ensuring they have a comprehensive understanding of the design process and feel included and invested in the end result. Her laid-back yet professional approach provides her clients with ease and confidence in her execution of their vision. She strives to make the design process fun, simple and memorable. Her biggest reward is seeing all of the details come to life and seeing her client’s reaction, knowing those spaces will be enjoyed by their family and friends for many years to come.

Jaimie currently resides in Irvine California with her fiancé and their beloved mini Australian Shepard, George. A home body at heart, she can often be found fireside with a glass of Butter Chardonnay in hand, spending time with her fiancé, their pup and friends or binging episodes of Chopped on Food Network.

Jan Turcotte | Turcotte Interiors

About Turcotte Interiors

For the past two decades, Turcotte Interiors as established a reputation for creativity and client satisfaction on successful projects in residential, commercial and liturgical interior design. 

Principal designer, Jan Turcotte believes every design project is an opportunity to help a client discover how this or her environment can bring comfort and joy to their life. As a certified color specialist, Jan relishes the opportunity to educate clients about color and how it is fundamental to every design. With a deep understanding of the basics of color, Turcotte Interiors can create an environment that meets design goals while bringing a sense of individual style to either the workplace or home.

Jan has a passion for producing interior design that delights the client, complements existing architectural style and reflects individual personalities. Making a space custom to the client’s needs or desires is the ultimate in personal design.

Essential to the firm’s success is the ability and discipline to really listen to and draw clients into the process while helping them to better realize and express the essence of what they are looking for in their design project. 

Jan Turcotte, Principal Designer
Allied Member, ASID

V.I.M Interiors and Design

The term “vim” refers to high energy & enthusiasm…two adjectives that best describe Nicole’s passion for interior design!

Receiving her Bachelor of Arts, in Social Sciences from CSUSM, she always knew she wanted to work with people in a creative way and was quickly inspired by the words of Elsie de Wolfe - “I will make everything around me beautiful, that will be my life”. Nicole too decided that she would make everything around her beautiful, especially creating her client’s vision for their projects.

Beginning her career as a buyer and merchandiser for a high-end custom furniture store in Carlsbad, California, she fell in love with furniture and how it could determine the confidence of the room. She then realized, if furniture could be that impactful, what would it feel like to design and build the entire space!

Working as an Interior Designer for a design build firm gave Nicole the construction experience and the zest to design any space knowing that a great team (architect, general contractor and designer) can complete any project smoothly and easily. It takes a great team to actually make this experience meaningful!

From projects as small as a one room refresh to kitchens, bathrooms, full house remodels and/or ground-ups, V.I.M Interiors and Design has the experience, momentum, and excitement, to leave her clients feeling like everything around them is beautiful, whichever Visionary, Innovative, Motif (“V.I.M.) they may desire!

On a personal level, Nicole enjoys travelling to places such as Europe (Portugal, Amsterdam, Coppenhagen, Spain), South America (Peru) and at home here in the USA where she was born and raised. Nicole is inspired by all different architectural styles, bright colors, unique designs and textiles from all over the world!

In her free time, you can find Nicole sitting at the local coffeehouse enjoying a good book and relaxing or outdoors, enjoying a beautiful sunset with a good glass of wine! Nicole’s clients love working with her…wouldn’t you?

Amy Spiegel | Amy Spiegel Interiors

For as long as she can remember, Amy Spiegel has been passionate about interior design. Renowned for her glamorous and sophisticated spaces, Spiegel approaches interiors with a holistic, 360-degree perspective, mixing international with local, the modern and contemporary, introducing a distinctive modern perspective with playful color, pattern and textures while always keeping an eye on usability, ease of living and comfort.

A house is a portrait of its inhabitants - a philosophy that has always been a part of Spiegel’s life and work, starting with her life in Japan, Hong Kong and New York and now in L.A. Spiegel works with a variety of elements, styles, eras and locations, combining the past and the present with timeless elegance, always respectful of your treasures, preferences and lifestyles. The result is a layered, personal space infused with charisma and individuality: a home filled with soul, warmth and depth.

We partner with our International clients in designing their NY-LA life. We pride ourselves in our ability to make your relocation effortless and beautiful. Our designs have an elevated sophistication that integrate your current life with your new life in the city! We anticipate your needs in every detail, these details help tell the story of your life. At Amy Spiegel Interiors, we apply a layered approach anchored in classic design and modern elements in combination with color and pattern to achieve an effortless look. The firm has earned its reputation and global portfolio for its ability to adapt to and develop varying aesthetics.

Jacqueline Chavanu | Chavanu Interiors

Chavanu Interiors is a full-service interior design studio specializing in residential and boutique commercial interiors. Jacqueline Chavanu is a creative who believes in the power of beautiful interiors to transform daily life. Her aesthetic is French Country with a twist, timeless with a hint of bold and quirky.

Chavanu Interiors was formed by a love of interior design history. Jacqueline’s aesthetic is effortlessly chic and comes from combining the old and the new – the definition of French Style. On a personal level, she has an immense appreciation for a range of design periods and styles. Using her gifts to help clients love their spaces while bringing joy to their homes is why she does what she does!

Jacqueline’s work has been featured in leading design and lifestyle publications including Better Homes & Gardens, Seattle Homes, ….and projects sprinkled throughout Colorado, Seattle, and New Orleans.

Jacqueline Chavanu’s approach to interior design begins with a client consultation to ensure a creative, a functional and a beautiful design plan. Whether the project is traditional, modern, new construction, remodel or purely decorative, Chavanu Interiors creates spaces with a fresh perspective that uniquely reflects our clients’ personality and lifestyles and reenergize their homes!

We want to create a design unique to each of our client’s lifestyles. Every project is different because every client is different. We celebrate uniqueness! Some clients may request a creative space that inspires them while others prefer an environment that will allow them to relax and recharge from their busy lives. Through a series of visual images and style questions we can individualize each design.

We do all the work and will help you pull together an amazing redesign.

We can help with a project as small as a powder room or as big as your entire house room-by-room. We can bring your vision to life or help you figure out what your vision looks like.

We put together a personalized mood board after first gathering design and personality information from each client that we work with.

Access to Interior Design Resources - Including Furniture-Accessories-Lighting-Cabinet Hardware- ETC…/Experienced Interior Designer/Luxury Fabric Access. Affordable Individualized Style Packages.

Jenna Irwin | 3Tiers Designs

Recognizing her passion for art and interior design early in life, Jenna went straight from high school directly into studying design at the Interior Designer’s Institute in Newport Beach, CA where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in interior design and architecture. It was there that she familiarized herself with programs such as AutoCAD and Google Sketchup, to build the foundation she needed to be successful in the field.

Having several years’ experience in high-end furniture sales, most recently Jenna has worked for a luxury apartment developer where she assisted the lead designer in brand new, contemporary styled apartments, ranging from interior unit finishes, residential model staging, leasing offices, bowling alleys, club rooms, rooftop pools, etc. It was here that she fell in love with contemporary, high-end design and excelled in creating spaces that were chic, inviting, and clean.

Her experience in the industry has given her the knowledge and skills necessary to build her vision with 3Tiers Designs. It has furthered her commitment to providing excellent service and going above and beyond for her clients. There is no project that is too big for 3Tiers Designs to handle, thanks to all of the highly skilled, licensed professionals on her team courtesy of BCD-IT. So give Jenna a call today! Come meet her at her beautiful, beachside design studio in Carlsbad, and let’s have some fun designing the space of your dreams!

Tracy Berman | Tracy Berman Interiors

Tracy, owner of Tracy Berman Interiors, always knew she would do something creative and involving homes, in her life. She grew up re-arranging her own bedroom weekly and many times re-arranged her family home. Reading her Father’s encyclopedia set on home repairs for fun, and then helping with those repairs. Design and construction have always been a part of her life.

Tracy has a bachelor’s degree in Merchandising and Design and over 20 years’ experience in the industry using her skills in multiple design environments. From creating beautiful profitable retail stores for some of the nation’s largest companies, to working collaboratively with homeowners on their residential designs and implementations. She knows how to achieve your goals.

Her passion for organization comes through in all her designs. Starting with high function, creating organization, and ending with a stunning design is her studios motto. Tracy wants to create fabulous spaces your family wants to spend time in.

When she’s not designing in North San Diego you can find Tracy travelling to visit her family, who are spread out among the U.S. Or re-charging in the Caribbean. Her favorite destination.

Angela DeGarcia | ADG Designs

Specializing in Luxury Real Estate in the coastal and North County areas, Angela blends a unique set of skills that set her apart from competitors. A native of South America, born in Bogota, Colombia, Angela is bilingual, a distinct advantage for buyers who are drawn to San Diego’s natural beauty and upscale coastal lifestyle.

Angela takes a holistic approach to real estate—she does not simply help clients buy or sell a home, but instead collaborates with them to ensure that their chosen property fits their lifestyle. With a career in interior design, Angela became a Realtor in 2009. She commands the perfect balance between real estate insight and design savvy; clients depend on her expertise for staging, space planning, color, landscape design, and more.

Angela’s lifestyle-focused approach, professionalism, customer service, and design background serve as the foundation of her business. Though she is results driven, Angela takes the time to get to know her clients and anticipate their lifestyle and needs. She has a knack not only for maintaining client relationships throughout each transaction but also for being able to call them “friends” well past the successful close of a dream home or investment property.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and family, traveling, art, entertaining at home and watching the sunset at the end of each day.

Lesley Phillippe | Lesley Phillippe Interior Design

Lesley grew up in Orange County, California. After graduation from high school, Lesley followed her love for hair into the beauty industry where she has worked for the last 25 years. During that time, Lesley worked in all aspects of the industry culminating into the ownership of an award-winning salon! Looking forward to bringing her expertise for color, design, balance and business management into her passion for interior design, which once was a hobby, has become her second career!

In her free time, Lesley loves to spend time with her family in Palm Springs. She is an avid dog lover and rescuer and her four-legged babies are always included on the family vacations!

Tamela Klisura | Tamela Klisura Design Group

Technology has changed the business of interior design in many ways, and interior designer Tamela Klisura has been a leader in using technology to not only help her clients view designs but also to help fellow designers create their own inspiring designs. Just over 22 years ago, the self-described “tech geek” opened her full-service interior design studio. From the beginning, she was fascinated by the creative potential of software and took every opportunity to master its use and present clients’ dreams to them before turning them into reality.

As her business grew, she operated a retail front and then opened a furniture showroom in a prominent design center. Other designers who visited her showroom were intrigued when they saw her creating digital floor plans and asked if she could help them do the same. In 2016, she and her team expanded the technology to produce three-dimensional visuals. Now, they’ve created a separate company, Designer 3D Services, solely to serve interior designers who want to expand their own creative vision and abilities.

Her guiding principle is to empower the creative process for designers by allowing them to explore all possibilities for a space through visualization technology. The goal is to provide designers with a tool that allows them to show not only floor plans but space elevations in photo realistic color and textures with furniture, fabric, lighting and finishes applied to the clients’ space in three dimensions. Clients immediately experience their space and the full effects of the atmosphere created by the designer. And because Klisura is a designer herself, she understands the challenges that face other designers. Her ability to recognize and point out potential problems is a bonus for designers as they bring their inspirations to life.

Exchanging ideas with other designers is one of the joys of Klisura’s interactions with clients, who range from designers and architects to contractors and real estate agents. She loves the collaborative energy that flares when bouncing ideas back and forth with another creative as they discuss a project’s possibilities. While technology is the frame of her business, verbal communication is key to transforming ideas into finished spaces.

Even better is seeing an aesthetically pleasing design, rendered before construction or walls are knocked out, that either solves a problem or creates an unexpected experience in an ordinary space. That is the power of 3D rendering technology as a communication tool for designers. A three-dimensional visual representation conveys authenticity and immediately allow clients to feel the emotional impact of their future space.

Hibner/No. 15 Studio | Hibner Design Group

Hibner Design Group

Hibner Design Group (HDG) is an award-winning, full-service interior design firm based in Orange County, California. HDG focuses on Multi-Family, Hospitality, and Model Homes. Our mission is to strategically approach each project to create layered spaces that are rich in texture, function and identity. HDG assists in all aspects of a project from start to finish. This includes consulting with developers, architects, contractors, landscape architects… and so much more! They bring a fresh perspective to the design industry with over 20 years of experience in both design and commercial development.

No. 15 Studio

No. 15 was established by Maryanne Hibner, founder of Hibner Design Group. She along with her fellow design partner, Jessica Vertin have created an approachable residential design firm that offers everything from affordable e-design, to in-home styling, as well as full design services. No. 15 studio specializes in turning small spaces into their client’s dream home.

E-design is an incredible design tool allowing No. 15 the ability to bring thoughtful design to everyone at an affordable price. E-design packages focus on specific rooms and offer different levels of involvement depending on each client’s specific budget and goals.

With No. 15, decorating is made effortless.

Donna Johnson | Luxury-Designer

Since 1981, Donna Johnson/Luxury-Designer has been a leader in the international design world, creating premier resorts, hotels, private residences and high-end developer’s projects.

Luxury Designer’s team practices a philosophy of collaborative design and principal attention to design spaces that are tailored to our client’s style, lifestyle, personalities and demographics.

Luxury Designer demonstrates incredible vision and creative execution to present the most sophisticated interiors for our elite clientele including “A Listers” of entertainment, sports and Fortune 500 executives. Our team also serves as a liaison between the developer and architect developing floor plans, specifying interiors and furnishing the homes. From conception to completion right to the last great accessory, Luxury Designer is a full-service design firm.

Donna Johnson’s inspirations are drawn from diverse variety of incredible architecture from coast to coast, European and Far Eastern influences including everything from high fashion runways to world- wide travels. Luxury-Designer is strategically located in Orange County and Las Vegas with full service showrooms yet have procured design projects internationally.

Shan S. Luvisa | Obvious Flair Interior Design

Shan grew up in Lafayette, California. She attended California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo where she graduated with a BS Degree in Fashion Merchandising and Design. After graduation she worked in the SF Bay Area in the Fashion Merchandising industry until her next move into global marketing where she joined a start-up company called InsMark , an insurance marketing firm. There, Shan became the VP of Marketing working with Senior Executives at companies such as Guardian Life and Chubb Life America. Acquiring tremendous marketing experience, Shan followed her passion into the world of design joining Swimmer and Associates Interior Design. Here, she partnered with her mother Sara Swimmer where they worked as a very successful mother-daughter design team managing up to 20 projects at a time in the residential and healthcare marketplace. During that time, she also owned and operated Obvious Flair Accessories traveling abroad to procure one-of-a-kind home accessories and rare finds. Eventually, Shan moved to Southern California where she established her own Interior Design firm - Obvious Flair. She and her husband have 2 grown children and reside in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Shan’s main focus is Residential Design, but she has also managed many commercial projects including the 20,000 square foot Shea Center for Therapeutic Riding also located in San Juan Capistrano.

Theresa Glatfelter | Parker Mason Designs

Theresa has an extensive background in Communications, Home Interior Design, Marketing, Art and Real Estate. She was previously the CEO of her own business, developed corporate Marketing for a major retailer in the US and is a licensed Realtor. She worked for major Production Home Builders within the industry for over eight years on both back end of the business and front-line Interior Design. Theresa holds a Bachelor of Art Degree from California State University, Fullerton in Communications with an emphasis in Marketing.

Though she has had experience for over a decade in the Design world, the childhood artist whom won many awards in and around Orange County throughout her childhood, always knew she would use her artistic eye and has found a natural blend with her passion for Real Estate. She feels blessed that the two worlds have collided naturally. Her main goal is for her clients to absolutely LOVE the space in which TIME is spent while incorporating their lifestyle into their HOME. The Philosophy is not how large the home but creating a space which truly reflects the lifestyle that you surround yourself within which matters the most, keeping all elements simple yet elegant. “Simplicity is the keynote to all true elegance”- Coco Chanel

When she’s not Designing, the busy mother of two is often found on the sidelines of a football or baseball field for one of her son’s. The avid yogi and spin goer can be found at the beach or packing a bag for her next travel adventure with family and friends.

Kristi Smith | K. Smith Interiors

A native to Orange County, Kristi has spent 25 years honing her craft in the interior design and home building industry. Her passion for design comes from her commitment to create beautiful, functional space that incorporates personal touches, timeless style, and innovative finishes.

Specializing in residential design, Kristi’s ability to communicate with clients, architects and contractors creates a smooth, seamless process and insures a stunning end result. Along with years of experience, she brings a depth of knowledge and a keen eye for detail and planning to all of her projects. Kristi takes a great deal of pride in learning all she can, and by staying current with products, trends, and technology, she is a valuable asset to any team and provides a significant benefit to her clients.

Kristi has been consistently ranked a top designer with several of Southern California’s premier home builders over the last decade, achieving exceptional customer satisfaction ratings year after year. Her leadership and professionalism have afforded her the opportunity to work on many high end and unique projects including the St. Regis Hotel Monarch Beach, as well as luxury communities from Mulholland Park to Rancho Palos Verdes to Cielo in Rancho Santa Fe.

In her spare time, Kristi enjoys spending time with her husband and their two active boys, as well as entertaining family and friends at home in Tustin, CA.

(Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. ~Henry Ford)

Linda Tom | Linato Design

Linda Tom
ASID Membership Director 2018-2020
ASID Design Awards 2017 Chair

Linda Tom is a California-based designer with over 17 years of experience in interior design, with a specialty in residential kitchen and bath design. Linda’s approach to design begins with function and ends with form. She strives to make every detail perfectly complement the unique lifestyle needs of her clients.

LINDA A. TOM, OWNER & PRINCIPAL DESIGNER OF LINATO DSGN, LLC. My journey into interior design started as a child. I was in loved with the old architecture of buildings in Los Angeles, the grand homes of Hancock Park, and Pasadena. And a student in elementary school drawing pictures of the California missions—then traveling to San Francisco for college sparked a love for details and how an architecture influences and creates a vision translate into the interiors.

I once was a DIY homeowner. I remodeled three personal homes, helped select finishes for a custom home in the Glendale Highlands and a family home in North Orange County. So, interior design was the natural step, was to take a certificate program at an accredited interior design program. The process leads me to complete the bachelor’s in interior design in 2000

As I pursued my love for the field of Interior Design, it was indeed a second career and educational pursuit for the last 18 years. My first love is in Elementary Education, as such, has influenced me to be an advocate for educating, training and guiding both my fellow co-workers, member of design and clients for the best process and practice as an Interior Designer.

I have been an ASID California Orange County member and involved in the pursuit of helping others connect and partner with fellow members. I have a passion to be inclusive and strive to join, engage and invite others to join our local chapter. Being part of a design association is connecting with your network of designers, industry partners and give us an opportunity to align with the value of interior. Design Impacts Lives and Design Matters.

Interior design is my passion to help others find their vision and create a home reflection of the client’s personality, memories and giving each room a practical space for living their way. I look forward to meeting with you to create and design the space of your dreams.

Design Studio Partners

New West Designs

Carlsbad Design Center

Corona Design Center

Lake Forest Design Center

Our Mission: To create and promote lasting relationships through quality craftsmanship and unsurpassed customer service.

New West Designs has been providing quality Design and installation services for almost three decades, working with the new home builder as well as the commercial contractor. We believe customer service is the backbone of any successful company. We also realize that quality craftsmanship and customer service are the keys to satisfied homeowners.

New West Designs has built its reputation of delivering the highest level of customer service in the industry, through near zero defects at the builder walk through. This is accomplished by performing two walks on-site and a final walk after flooring completion.​ Quality customer service is provided by our office and administrative staff, by prompt responses, and our field supervisors through their commitment and daily site visits.

New West Designs has one of the most experienced staff in the industry today. Having a staff and crews with this level of experience, we can’t help but make your team even more successful.

New West Designs is respected for sterling leadership and accountability focusing on operational excellence in everything we do. We accomplish this by continually responding to ever changing market conditions without losing focus on service. Our practices are honest, our conduct is ethical and we are respected throughout the industry.

We know there are many Design Center choices and would like the opportunity to meet with you and become one of your valued trade partners.

New West Designs has never aspired to be the biggest in the industry, just the best!


Tempe AZ Studio

Denver Studio

Las Vegas Studio

Primera welcomes BCD-it designers, custom builders and general contractors into its three showrooms in Denver CO, Las Vegas NV and the award-winning flagship design center in Tempe AZ, with a private meeting room being available in Corona, CA*. All of the showrooms display an extensive range of cabinetry, countertops, flooring, wall tile and window coverings from well-recognized and highly-regarded brands. Walk through the doors and be inspired by kitchen and bathroom vignettes that spark the imagination and creativity.

BCD-it members can enjoy the benefits of bringing their clients into Primera’s luxury showrooms where they will experience a true visual and tactile experience to design and create the perfect interior. Enter a world of endless interior possibilities: feel countertop materials, visualize tile designs, and experience cabinets and backsplashes in real room displays.

Visiting the design center is a very exciting stage of the homebuying process. Primera recognizes it can also be an overwhelming experience so its design centers are focused on being calm, quiet spaces so that choosing interior options becomes a relaxed and enjoyable event.

At our flagship design center in Tempe AZ, the soft, homey lighting enhances the experience. This is expertly done using a black roof and complementary hanging bright white panels. This specialized lighting creates a dramatic impact that allows customers to see selections as if in natural daylight. Guide your clients to the specifically designed glass pod meeting rooms. These distraction-free and private spaces allow clients and designer to review the products comfortably and ultimately save time. It’s time for the client to see and touch their interiors products in a quiet place with time for reflection and contemplation.

Using Primera makes it simple for BCD-it members: they stay 100% focused on the client and Primera takes the worry away by managing the ordering, scheduling and installation.

*Please note that currently only cabinetry options can be selected at Corona, CA.


Primera, a privately owned and operated company, employs over 400 staff across Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, California and New Mexico. It offers a full service of consultation, design, purchase, delivery and installation in the complementary offering of cabinetry, countertops, flooring and window covering products to a range of diverse customers including home builders, home centers, commercial developers, general contractors, interior designers and retail customers.

Primera has firmly established cabinetry partners, including Dura Supreme, Executive Cabinetry, the Cabinetworks Group brands of Quality Cabinets, Merillat and KraftMaid, Masterbrand’s Aristokraft, Diamond, Decorá and Omega Cabinetry brands, WW Wood, RSI Professional Cabinet Solutions, Echelon and flooring partners Shaw, Mohawk, Daltile, Marazzi and Emser Tile. Primera fabricates granite, engineered stone and laminate for countertops in its own facilities in Phoenix, AZ and Las Vegas, NV. Countertops in other locations are locally fabricated to exacting standards by our strategic partners.

Primera offers an extensive product range to meet the needs of all customers**

** Brand availability differs by location

Custom Builders

John Hayes | House To Home

Experienced Builders With Your Experience in Mind

House to Home is a convergence of customer-centric focused strategy, creative solution-based design, and expert quality craftsmanship. This trifecta approach within our industry transforms House to Home into more than just a general design-build contracting provider. We are your customer experience home building and remodeling solutions partner; a powerful nexus of knowledge, experience, and industry foresight that delivers on our promises and meets our customers’ expectations; providing a seamless experience and an end result that you will love coming home to.

Feel free to contact us today and we will help make your house into your home!

Ryan Jones | Jones Custom Builders, Inc.

Ryan Jones
Founder & President
Jones Custom Builders, Inc.

Born and raised in OC, Ryan has come up through the trades in construction. Beginning with working in the family business, for his step-father, as a carpenter’s assistant and quickly being moved into the role of superintendent and project manager where he oversaw multi-million-dollar projects in communities like Belcourt, Irvine Cove, Emerald Bay and others up and down the California Coast.

After years of cutting his teeth working for someone else, learning all he could, Ryan decided to create his own company, Jones Custom Builders, Inc. Essentially starting from scratch, he has built a loyal customer base and has lasting relationships with respected designers and architects all over Orange County.

Ryan’s attention to detail and stellar communication have propelled him and Jones Custom Builders to be a leader in upper end residential construction.

General Contractors