Meet Nancy Giangeruso

Nancy’s Design Studio Management experience began in 1990 at Chateau Interiors & Design after spending two years at Warmington Homes where she learned the new homebuilding business. At that time, Chateau Interiors & Design was the in-house design center for all Warmington Homes’ divisions in California and Nevada. In 1996, the Southern California Division of William Lyon Homes recognized Chateau as an industry model and sought Nancy and her team’s leadership in the formation of its own similarly patterned affiliate design firm. During that time, Nancy became a design industry leader in creating and managing design studios.

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In 2010 Nancy G. Consulting was formed. Her first client was The Irvine Company. She successfully developed and opened Irvine Pacific Design Center in March 2011 together with teaching the corporate group at The Irvine Company the design center business. In 2013, she joined the team at William Lyon Homes to create, open and manage their in-house design studios throughout California and Nevada. In 2015, together with the newly created Lyon Homes design studio, Nancy joined the team at Interior Specialists, Inc. as VP of Design Centers – West. This unique experience gave Nancy the opportunity to create a large design department, managing 285+ design team members and managing 68+ design studios.

With an eye towards excellence, her management expertise, her business savy skills, her forward thinking, and her continued love for the “design industry” together with her passion for teaching designers how to create a “finished home design” plan, Nancy is considered an “expert” in our industry today.ou along the way.

“As a self-made entrepreneur and long-time business woman I quickly realized that it is nothing more than a combination of hard work, stick-with-it-ness and the willingness to collaborate with a community as the keys to starting and growing a successful design business.”

~ Nancy Giangeruso, Founder

Nurturing with Nancy

Nuture ~ care for and encourage the growth or development of.