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Mike Moore

Mike Moore is a featured keynote speaker, author of Build Trust and a leadership, sales and peak performance coach. He shares his unique insights on leadership, coaching, sales and peak performance and developed Moore’s Law of Achievement and Moore’s Path to Peak Performance. He is recognized in Builder & Developer Magazine's 'Who’s Who in Homebuilding'.

A lifelong learner with 40 years’ experience in Coaching, Retailing, Homebuilding, Floor Covering and the Design Center Industries, Mike has created his Moore Leadership & Peak Performance and Making Customers Series. These series include his New Home Retailing and Finished Home Design courses that address the specific challenges faced everyday by owners, executives, managers and employees in these industries.

Mike has dedicated 4 decades to improving the employee, homebuying and homeownership experience. He specializes in helping Homebuilders understand the difference between New Homebuyers and Used Homebuyers, and by doing so has been called a ‘New Homebuyer Advocate’.

Mike is also considered a futurist who began speaking about the Internet, Technology, Artificial Intelligence and the 'New Economy' in 1994. In 1996, he co-founded and developed Options Online, an award-winning Online Design Studio and Options Operating System for the Homebuilding Industry, which is now available as Studio Chateau, and has grown to process over 2.2 billion dollars of new homebuyer’s personalization choices annually.

Mike is ranked by Klout in the top 0.1% on Leadership and Sales, and in the top 5% of Social Media influencers worldwide. His LinkedIn Social Selling Index ranks him in the top 1% and he’s regularly ranked by Twitter in the top 10 people on Leadership, Sales, Leadership Development and Homebuilding.

For booking information call 858-354-2802 or email Mike at

Mike Dorman

My Approach to Coaching

When I meet people who are considering employing the ‘coached approach’ to climbing to a higher level of success, I am often asked the significance of the company name,...The Third Zone. This is an area that we create in working with a client in order to bridge the gap between the dream of achievement and the reality of performance. This applies to an individual or a leadership team.

In helping clients transition we identify and confront habits, methods, and practices that have become obstacles to the very progress and achievements that they want for themselves. The intent is to find solutions that ‘fit' the individual or team that can be sustained. It is a highly customized approach and that is what makes it work and last.

My Coaching Experience

From the outset of my career as a certified coach beginning in 2003, my focus has primarily been coaching leadership in a business environment. I believe that my previous career provided me with invaluable and real experience enabling me to truly understand the challenges that are inherent in most every business as well as what it takes to get beyond them. Therefore, coaching within a business environment allowed me to apply my initial year of formalized over 33,000 agencies. This experience and the ongoing challenges that we confronted in a changing industry made my attraction to the coaching profession a natural in the solutions that it had to ability to provide.

My Formalized Training Qualifications

The formalized training indicated below provided the foundation on which I was able to build my knowledge and my success. However, I continue to take courses that offer a specialized focus that deepens my own personal learning and thus enhances my ability to effectively coach my clients.

CTI Coaches Training Institute headquartered in San Raphael, California. The course training of 6 months was followed by a 6-month certification program. Training within an arena that I knew well.

As such, the work I have done is across many industries that include architecture, healthcare, commercial real estate, major banking institutions and home building on both a local and national scale. My focus has been With senior indiVIdual C-level executives in helping them to lead and execute their responsibilities in ways that clearly elevate their effectiveness and thus, impact the overall achievements of the organization. Also, and often in concert with individual leader work, I coach the leadership team intent on aligning all behind the same vision for the organization and, following that positioning, taking them through the process of implementing the determined goal and plan throughout.!t is sustainable primarily through the giving of a voice to all perspectives and reaching the conclusions that best achieve maximized effectiveness.

My Background

Prior to entering the coaching arena, I spent an initial Career in the travel industry. The primary focus of that business was servicing the business travel needs of numerous corporations. The company had 45 offices that were located from Boston to Los Angeles and points in between. with over 200 employees my company achieved the ranking of the 45‘" largest agency in the U.S... of

I am certified as a CPCC and FCC (Professional Co~Active Coach)

ORSC — Organizational andRelationship Systems Coaching

5 Dynamics — identifying the strengths and natural areas of skill for team members enabling all to be used to the best advantage of the organization

The inside Team — designed to help individuals identify and tame the internal forces that often work against what one desires to do

Team Diagnostics — assessments measure the characteristics, preferences, and performance of individual team members and the results are then compiled into a profile in which individuals can compare themselves to one another. The areas requiring change become obvious.

Donna Johnson

Since 1981, Donna Johnson/Luxury-Designer has been a leader in the international design world, creating premier resorts, hotels, private residences and high-end developer’s projects.

Luxury Designer’s team practices a philosophy of collaborative design and principal attention to design spaces that are tailored to our client’s style, lifestyle, personalities and demographics.

Luxury Designer demonstrates incredible vision and creative execution to present the most sophisticated interiors for our elite clientele including “A Listers” of entertainment, sports and Fortune 500 executives. Our team also serves as a liaison between the developer and architect developing floor plans, specifying interiors and furnishing the homes. From conception to completion right to the last great accessory, Luxury Designer is a full-service design firm.

Donna Johnson’s inspirations are drawn from diverse variety of incredible architecture from coast to coast, European and Far Eastern influences including everything from high fashion runways to world- wide travels. Luxury-Designer is strategically located in Orange County and Las Vegas with full service showrooms yet have procured design projects internationally.

Pami S. Bhullar
Director retail development STAINMASTER® Brand in North America

Pami Bhullar is the Director of Retail Development in North America for STAINMASTER® brand. He is a post graduate with degrees in Economics and Linguistics, served as an executive member of the World Floor Covering Association’s Strategic Committee on Professional Practices and one of the leading experts in the industry on strategic planning, retail development and growth, specialized marketing and training programs, and business consulting for flooring professionals throughout North America. He has dedicated over 38 years of his life in all aspects of the floor covering industry.

He is one of the most sought after key note speakers in our industry and is considered the foremost authority on many of the most successful marketing programs in North America. He is frequently featured in the news and was named “One of the ten people driving the flooring industry” by Floor Covering News. He is often referred to as the “STAINMASTER® carpet evangelist” and “Guru of Private Sales”.

One of the participants in his workshops said, “I only came to listen to Mr. Bhullar and have been using his techniques for the past two years. I have increased my sales by 25% each year. His message is simple and anyone can implement it”.

A CEO of a large flooring Company in Texas said, “We wish we could take a syringe of your knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm and inject it into the veins of all of our staff (self-included) on a regular basis. Your talent is unmatched in our industry…..”

He is the author of TOP TEN flooring pros’ resolutions every year and presenter of PamiTalks; a first of its kind in the industry that was unveiled at an industry symposium held in Atlanta, Georgia. Flooring industry executives, sales professionals and managers gathered at the Georgia Pacific Center in downtown Atlanta for a live presentation of the new workshop titled “Pami Talks”. This new workshop features revolutionary sales techniques presented by Pami Bhullar. Pami shared simple but new ways on how to become more successful in closing sales while turning your customers into ambassadors for yourself, your business and the quality products you sell.

There are 25 plus recordings of the workshop offered as a library of powerful videos (3.5 to 8 minutes duration) that can be used during sales meetings or as personal study sessions. These practical and inspirational videos are available at no cost to ALL flooring professional- please go to no password needed. To get the most, read the one page study guide first and then watch the video. Over 20000 flooring owners, managers and sales pros have used the videos to enhance their skills and knowledge. You can Google Pami Bhullar to find out more of his work for the industry.

Shannon Bilby Vogel

After more than 10 years in retail, Shannon changed her focus from helping people through interior design to helping business owners and executives promote and grow their businesses through social media.

In 2007, Shannon entered into the world of social media by launching and driving one of the flooring industry’s most successful blogs. Since then, she has expanded her skill set by achieving certification as a Social Media Strategist. This training allows her to set up, manage and/or advise businesses to successfully use tools such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram and Google + to market their businesses.

Shannon currently works with several different industries throughout the country helping to strengthen their brand awareness as well as create and maintain a positive and productive online reputation.

Shannon’s goal is to help companies that see the value of social media but aren’t certain how to properly set up or manage the platforms. Whether you have someone in your organization to manage the content or need help with your entire online presence, Shannon can help you demystify and navigate the world of social media.