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our mission
BCD-it™ or Build(it) Create(it) Design(it) is a membership based company offering an energetic, on-trend hub of industry know-how and networking. As a state-of-the art, one-stop shop for design professionals, BCD-it™ provides access to vendors, manufacturers, education, professional business management services and so much more. When you decide to work with BCD-it you do not just work with one person you get a team of established experts and industry leaders to guide you along the way.
Why become a BCD-it™ Member?
We all need support. We all need community. We all need a sounding board to make sure we are taking the right action or making the right decisions in our business. We even need a pick me up sometimes when we have a bad day. And we need a place to celebrate our wins and our losses. You are in the right place!  

We are that and more. We are here to guide you in your business journey whatever you need or want. We have an amazing group of like-minded, active, and engaged designer professionals up leveling their businesses every day!
BCD-it™ is here to help
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“When you start a business and then want to grow your business, every day is learning how to manage obstacles and keep going.  I want to share what I have learned to help others and part of that is pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.”  
-Nancy Giangeruso, Founder